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What might that anomaly be worth? Good stuff! Put some clothes on! P38, it seems, was simply the name of the office building at Solihull in which the model was developed. That development was a long-time coming as the second generation Range Rover appeared after its predecessor had been on the market for almost a quarter of a century. With all that time and real-world testing, you would imagine the P38 would have been one of the most well-sorted and reliable cars on the market.

Perhaps, however, that reputation is not wholly deserved. I mean, if Land Rover products in general, and P38s specifically are considered unreliable, how is it that there are so many of them still rolling around with over K on the clock like this one? Riddle me that, batman. That Aa Yellow paint was one of two color options offered on the Vitesse, the other being Monza Red and it sure stands out on the big wagon. The bodywork beneath that, as well as the copious black trim and accessory bull bars all look to be as-new too.

Somebody get Dorian Gray on the phone. Things are just as remarkable inside, which is awash in black leather upholstery with crazy-cool yellow piping on the seats. The seller touts that the car exhibits no warning lights or onerous gauge readings either.

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That gives you horsepower and lb-ft of torque as well as fuel economy that will have OPEC members sending you thank you notes for your support. The engine benefits from a recent cooling system update that saw the replacement of the radiator and water pump.

Another pain point on these cars is that air suspension—the EAS system. That has been replaced with aftermarket steel springs which likely means no cool adjustable ride height shenanigans, but also no blown bags leading to a flatbed drive-off of shame either. The title is clean and the seller notes that the car just recently passed its smog test which is a golden ticket for title transfer here in California.

Ah, but is that enough? Or, does that price make this yellow P38 a lemon? Sacramento, CA Craigslistor go here if the ad disappears. Hit me up at rob jalopnik. Remember to include your Kinja handle.On its arrival inthe Range Rover Sport was fitted with a popular 2.

Rated 4. Price reduced. Lighter, faster and bigger inside, is the new Range Rover Sport at last a vehicle that can match its undoubted style with substance? Star rating. Clear Filters. Posted by MarthaCrew at PM. Range Rover Sport, It has petrol engine with displacement of 4.

We carry a wide-ranging catalog of used Land Rover engines for all applications including gas and diesel engines. Initially powered by a BMW V8 engine, the L earned a face-lift for the model year that saw the arrival of a new transmission and a more powerful Jaguar-Land Range Rover Forum is the premier Range Rover community.

The tdv8 3. InLand Rover began a complete overhaul of its model range with the all-new LR3 replacing the Discovery. Prices for Land Rover Range Rover Autobiographys currently range from to, with vehicle mileage ranging from to. Sort by. I Range Rover Sport was initially available with 2. Still, the fourth-generation model launched in has set the bar high enough for Land Rover to remain relaxed about the competition.

See used car deals. It has the same harness and plugs as original radio, plug and play. The fourth generation has been in production since Zsolt - January 6, But can it deliver where it counts and, crucially, is it a reliable car? Check out the latest land rover range rover sport review, news, specifications, prices, photos and videos articles on top speed! With a long family jaunt on the cards and the 5-series GT otherwise disposed, I needed range rover sport svr.

At $7,500, Could This Wildly Yellow 1997 Range Rover Vitesse HSE Get You To Part With Your Green?

The real attraction of the Range Rover Sport is its optional, supercharged, hp V Range Rover Evoque - to Present. Land Rover service repair workshop manuals and owner's handbook online download. The worst complaints are transmission problems. Land Rover Range Rover Sport 4. We offer one of the largest collection of Range Rover related news, gallery and technical articles.

Has been in the shop for the last month. The vehicle was not repaired and the manufacturer was notified.Range Rover EAS "electronic air suspension" has typically been an expensive system to maintain. However, when a malfunctioning component needs repair or replacement, it can quickly get time-consuming and expensive.

With module. Shipping and payments. CompleteStruts Part C. Discovery 2 to Do away with all the air suspension hassle and expense by converting your Range Rover Classic to a coil-sprung … coil spring conversion it land rover range rover p.

We sell anything from Extreme Off-Road Gear to normal service and repair parts. I am fed up of paying out for Air suspension sensors etc etc. Tax excluded. Please click on picture to select vehicle. Air Suspension Compressors. Designed to be very affordable, you can convert your air suspension to use passive shocks and coil springs for less than the price of replacing one original equipment air spring. Delivery weight: 6.

If you've had an air spring failure before, you know this first hand. Upgrade your suspension components with these OEM air springs without hassle. Add to basket.

This means that the body is assembled with the frame, and the air suspension parts are attached to it. Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit. Range Rover Sport features a frame. Burnout occurs when the compressor wears out, usually due to a leaking air spring or other component failure. Do you supply a air to coil spring conversion kit suitable for Range Rover Sport vehicles? Do you supply a gasket set for suitable for 5. Quantity: Sold as a Kit. Arnott's rear air spring fits either the left or right side.

Discovery 4 to The first generation was introduced inThere is one question often repeated to myself while stuck at the side of the road, weeping in the local garage when presented with yet another invoice, or in a car park sorting out the latest in a long line of maladies.

Why did I buy a P38a Range Rover? So, why do I drive the Range Rover model that all other 4x4 drivers slate?

Present a Range Rover Classic owner with a P38 and they will implode with mortification. Well, despite its well-documented flaws, the P38 is an amazing piece of kit that can still be had for little-to-no money at all. To start with, how many critics have actually owned or even driven one? Some will have to be sure. Both require specialist knowledge and experience to diagnose issues when they occur.

Air suspension needs more maintenance than simple springs, throwing a hissy fit at the most inappropriate of moments should you abuse it.

Then there is the security system that leaves owners stuck miles from home with the engine disabled. And not least the way the cooling system turns into a kettle and blows all the coolant out at the most inopportune instants. Yet, despite all that, it remains the only 4x4 to leave me with a constant smile on my face.

All cars have their issues. Some cars are nightmares on four wheels, in and out of garages with constant faults. The P38a is no different in that department, but the operating technology is different enough to escalate an unfair reputation. Simple problems can then fast spiral into expensive tragedies — making the forums a rich travesty of complaints and knee-jerk Range Rover bashing. The first rule when owning a P38 is sourcing a sympathetic mechanic who understands them.

The car is complicated and, being a pre-ODB2 vehicle, you need specialist tools to read the electronics. These tools cost serious money; in reality, you can buy a good P38a for the same price as the cheaper diagnostics tools. Most owners bought their P38a because of the cheap market price.

For what you get — luxury, comfort, usability — pound for pound, nothing offers more. Handing over sheets for a car, very few then treat the cheap vehicle with any form of mechanical sympathy, resulting in sketchy and poorly maintained P38 Range Rovers flooding the market. Solid examples are now few and far between. In a nutshell, to enjoy driving a P38a you need to want to understand it. Should you just want a car to drive through lakes and hammer over rough terrain, then park up for a month before repeating, a second-generation Range Rover is not for you.

If you get to understand the car, you will soon realise that most problems are simple to solve, unlike the electronic issues of more modern cars. Despite its size, hard cornering demonstrates how stable this 4x4 is — making twisty lanes and tight country roads a pleasure, lording it up with either a V8 burble or diesel growl among the hedgerows.

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In town, the lines and stance blend with every urban landscape you can find. The P38a appears to make itself at home regardless of surroundings — whether outside the Savoy in the damp streetlight or plugging through the mud during a snowstorm. C'mon — what are the benefits of a P38? The load space is enormous, with seating extremely comfortable and easy to clean — making it the perfect wagon for the dogs or, even more destructive; the children.

The view from behind the wheel is unmatched with a high position and big windows all round. You can suit up and go to a business meeting or suit up and go exploring in the middle of a moor.Here are our top tips on things to consider when buying a Range Rover P Discuss prospective buys on our message boards and for the definitive view, get an LRO buying guide.

See below for details. V8 liners. These can slip, making the block porous. The cooling system pressurises — look out for rock hard hoses. A replacement reconditioned engine is usually your best option. Cracked blocks. This happens after overheating, but if V8 liners are good after 60, miles, they should stay good. Cylinder head gasket. If the engine has overheated, you may suffer problems. Look for loss of performance and oil in the coolant.

The hose off the top of the radiator to the expansion tank can get blocked, causing the cooling system to pressurize, which can be enough to finish off a head gasket. Poor starting when cold might be caused by old glow plugs or a weak lift pump. If both hot and cold starts are troublesome it'll be a confused sensor — bypass it with a hot-start kit.

What you think is battery-drain could just be a battery that is too small. It should be about cranking amps, but it is not uncommon for people to buy whatever battery's convenient. When cold, a small batter might mean there's not enough power to run all the electrics and turn the engine.

Water pump. The plastic impeller on the diesel is prone to breaking up. No heating in the car is a clear sign. It can lead to overheating and serious engine damage.

Check that the temperature remains stable when the car's idling, and check the coolant reservoir for oil stains or suspicious newness. Shine a torch through the grille, looking for anti-freeze stains and loss of radiator finning, then check for leakage after your test drive. Leaks may indicate system pressurisation. Gearbox ECU. The ZF four-speed autobox is generally trouble-free, but suspect a problem if sport mode won't select.

R manual-box. Check the third-to-second downchange for roughness — a sign that the synchromesh is failing, which will mean a new gearbox eventually. Two-speed Borg-Warner transfer box. Engage low range to make sure it's good.

Check clutch operation while you're at it: if the gears grate, it's worn. Wheel bearings. Usually give out at aroundmiles. Watch out for vibration through the steering wheel.On this page you will find the best real world tyre reviews from owners of the Land Rover Range Rover P Why not add your own tyre review and help other owners pick the right tyre!

After all, who knows what the best tyre for a Range Rover P38 better than the owners? Quiet on high speeds, bit less comfort but good feedback from the strong sidewalls. Good dry grip from the relative soft rubber, expect good snow handling. Have about km on the tires and no visable wear yet.

I have not yet driven these in the wet and snow, wil update. During the hottest summer for years and miles around Scotland only wore down 2mm.

I have used them in wet and very pleased with the grip over that from Pirelli Scorpions it previously had. As an off-roader I have used them at our 4x4 site, as well as going to marshal at others. They do very well and are actually better off-road than Falken AT we also have. The Nokians have a kevlar type layer in the sidewalls to give better protection against damage and punctures. Will buy them again and also when the time comes see if I can get them for our other vehicles.

The car was originally running on Scorpion ST's but they are now no longer produced and the newer model Scorpions didn't look as good for the money. The weather and driving conditions have been hot 30 degrees but so far so good. Well worth the money and feel more responsive than the Scorpions that have just been removed. I haven't driven far, but so far so good, they have good traction in wet and dry, with no noticeable wheel spin.

The temperature is quiet low at the moment but haven't experienced ice or snow. I think with having 4wd it is helping a little but generally i can't complain. I will give further feed back in a month or so. Great on the motorway. My Range Rover is driven very calmly and I couldn't believe that these tyres were worn out in just 5k. Shame, as definitely would have bought again if wear was accetable. Good road performance, with good grip in wet or dry, acceptably quiet under all conditions and excellent in snow.

Superb performance off road regardless of surface. Would highly recommend and will definately be buying another set. Dry grip about the same as the ST, wet grip definitely worse, useless off road and in snow and lasted 28k before needing replacement.

The only positive thing I can say is that they were slightly quieter than the STs. Would not recommend and will not be buying again. Good combination of offroady tire and on road behavior.

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Adding to Cart Not Added. Item is in your Cart. The Range Rover (LP) is the second-generation Range Rover model from British car maker Land Rover. It was launched on 28 September24 years after the. That's the beauty of the Pseries Range Rover of The original Mk1 looks from another era (and is becoming madly expensive) but the.

BMW pushes the Range Rover upmarket – and quickly By the time the P38A went on sale, Land Rover was fully under BMW's control. As early asplans for the. Dec 8, - Explore Oky Gaol's board "LAND ROVER, RANGE ROVER P 38", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about range rover, land rover. The Range Rover P38A was launched inas a replacement for the 24 year old Range Rover Classic.

It didn't directly supersede its. The P38A was launched in Septembermaking it the first new model to be launched under BMW ownership, which had taken control of Rover.

The Range Rover Classic may now be out of financial reach for most of us, but the P38 is still here for the true enthusiast on a budget – and it.

Even a short trip in the P38 ushers in an overwhelming sense of occasion. A clichéd statement, perhaps, but it's per cent true. You feel. Range Rover P38 () Known as either the P38 or P38A (after the vehicles code name, Pegasus, and the office in which the vehicle development team was. Looking to buy a Classic Land Rover range rover p38? Complete your search today at Car & Classic where you will find the largest and most diverse collection.

Range Rover lover? Us too. Here at LRO we've reviewed the Land Rover Range Rover P38 4x4 and we think you'll like what we had to.

Land Rover Range Rover (P38) HSE Specs ; Maximum power - Output - Horsepower: PS or bhp or kW @ rpm ; Maximum torque: Nm or meaconsult.eu @. With BMW moving in, Rover got its act together and created the second-generation Rangey. The P38 as it was known (named after the building in.

p38 range rover diesel for sale in sligo for €3, on donedeal. 29/12/ IRELAND. Detail. Diesel.Km. Automatic. The second generation Range Rover added the luxury features that were demanded by buyers during its production run. Most were used as daily drivers. Search for new & used Land Rover Range Rover P38A cars for sale in Australia. Read Land Rover Range Rover P38A car reviews and compare Land Rover Range. Range Rover P38 S/SE/HSE () A LITTLE HISTORY: The arrival in May of the first new Range Rover in 25 years left many underwhelmed.

This week, we bring you a very nice, low-mileage example of the Range Rover (P38) – a car that's looking increasingly appealing as time goes on. Range Rover P38 · Accessories · Axles · Belts · Body:Exterior · Body:Interior · Brakes · Cables · Cooling. A place to buy and sell all things Range Rover P38 related, whether cars or parts for them this is the place Started in Australia feel free to post.